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Moore Equipment Limited, or better known as Dickie Moore Rentals, has been in business now since 1961. We are a new JCB dealer, and opened Moore JCB on July 12, 2014. The number 12 is significant in the Moore family as the Montreal Canadiens hockey legend Dickie Moore, a six time Stanley Cup Champion, wore the number 12 throughout his hockey career! This is a very exciting time for us here at Moore JCB as two business ventures become one, with a common goal of success and customer satisfaction. Here at Moore JCB you always get Moore.

Moore JCB | Dickie Moore Rentals | Moore Equipment Ltd. 

  MooreJCB Montreal
4955 Chemin St- Francois, H4S1P3 St-Laurent Quebec


Fax (514)-337-0012

Moore JCB
370 Oakdale Road Toronto ON M3N 1W5
Phone: Toronto (416) 747-1212

Fax: 416-740-0012

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